Atlanta Regional Airport - Falcon Field (FFC)

Hassle-free access to one of the top southern U.S. cities for meetings and events, Atlanta Regional Airport’s location is an excellent hub to the major national corporations nearby. As Atlanta Fayette County is the top-rising destination for filming major motion pictures and television shows, and specialized content, the city has earned the title “Hollywood of the South”. Nearby to Downtown Atlanta, Atlanta Regional Airport provides convenient access to hotels, restaurants and sporting events.

Distance TO ATLANTA business districts

  • 29 miles from Downtown Atlanta


Atlanta Regional Airport provides exceptional service for corporate and general aviation, and accommodates aircraft types ranging from single-engine aircraft to corporate jets. Meeting rooms available.


24 hours a day.

Nearby amenities

Atlanta Regional Airport is located within Peachtree City Industrial Park. As well, it is only 15-minutes from Pinewood Studios-Atlanta and other film-related sites and organizations in the Downtown Atlanta area. With two state-of-the-art conference centers and four championship golf courses in the direct area making this airport perfect for meetings and business activities.


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