How does the JetCard Program work?

The Air Partner JetCard program is tailored to your travel needs based on your flying preferences.

Once you’ve decided your preferred cabin size, and number of flight hours (10, 25 or 50+), hourly rates will then be debited from your JetCard balance as you fly.

JetCard member you enjoy guaranteed aircraft availability at fixed rates, with fully refundable account balances and hours that never expire.



How is flight time calculated with my JetCard membership?


Flight time is calculated using computer generated flight times for each itinerary using specific aircraft for each cabin category. The flight time is multiplied by each cabin category’s respective hourly rate, taking into account daily flight minimums and 12 minutes of taxi time per flight leg.

Hourly rates are fixed according to the membership type, cabin size and service area listed on the JetCard pricing page and will be debited from your JetCard balance. JetCard prices include aircraft, crew, landing fees fuel surcharges, de-icing, taxes and catering. Round-trip discounts are available for select service areas.


How are upgrades charged?

There are no premiums for complimentary upgrades, and no premiums for client-requested upgrades or downgrades.

Members will simply be charged according to the hourly rates of the requested cabin category.


A JetCard Sterling customer requests requests upgrade from a Light cabin with 2 hours on a midsize cabin in the U.S. under one-way pricing.

2.0 hrs (travel time) x $6,500 (midsize cabin rate) = $13,000 (total cost)


What are peak day periods?

The peak travel day* schedule is as follows for the Continental United States and Mexico and Caribbean Service Areas:

  • New Year’s Day, the day after New Year’s Day and the Saturday and Sunday after New Year’s Day
  • Thursday through Monday of Super Bowl Weekend
  • Thursday and Friday before President’s Day, President’s Day & President’s Day weekend
  • Thursday before Easter, Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
  • 2 days before 4th July , 4th July and 2 days after 4th July
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
  • From Friday before Thanksgiving through Sunday after Thanksgiving
  • One week before Christmas Day, Christmas Day and one week after Christmas Day

*Peak day travel will be billed at prevailing rates plus 5%.

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