A seamless private jet solution with fixed hourly rates, guaranteed availability and global reach with as few as 12 hours’ notice.
Your account balance is fully refundable and your hours never expire.


Air Partner's JetCard is a global jet membership program that is fully refundable with no peak day restrictions.


  • Guaranteed availability in as few as 12 hours' notice with no blackout dates
  • Flight credit that never expires and fully-refundable account balances
  • Only pay for the time you fly, with no hidden fees
  • 20% discount on qualifying round-trip travel
  • Freedom to apply JetCard funds to on-demand jet charter
  • 24/7 global coverage year-round



According to Conklin & de Decker, Air Partner's JetCard program remains the most flexible private jet membership.

Welcome to Air Partner, the global leader in private aviation.  

  The most experienced private air charter, with over 55+ years of excellence.

OUR Experience

Founded in 1961, we have more experience than any other provider, and we continue to set the benchmark for safety and service in private aviation.

A private jet charter with a commitment to safety.

OUR Safety

Safety is our highest priority, which is why the standards we set for our Quality Management System far exceed FAA requirements and industry norms.

Air Partner LON(AIR) is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.


We are the first publicly traded air charter company, and our continued financial strength means your travel funds are always secure.

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