When creating our JetCard over 14 years ago, we understood that that clients and companies wanted a flexible, simple and efficient solution to their regular private jet flight requirements, without the fleet constraints, hidden costs or poor utilization associated with fractional schemes or other private membership. With this in mind, we created a card that offers 15 hours or more pre-paid flying hours with a choice of four private jet categories and an array of other flexible benefits. The JetCard is perfectly suited for those who are travelling for business frequently & globally.

Guaranteed availability

We understand that busy schedules sometimes mean that last minute flight requests are a necessity. We offer our clients guaranteed availability with as little as 12 hours’ notice. Our 24/7 global support team are available around the clock, which means you will always be able to speak to someone directly at any time, wherever you are in the world. 

Hours that never expire

While we want all of our clients to enjoy flying with us frequently, you can have peace of mind that your hours aren’t ever going to expire. Once you have purchased hours, they are yours for whenever you would like to use them, be that this year or next.

One card, unlimited users

The flexibility of our JetCard allows more than one named person within your company to use the JetCard. We simply add your colleagues to the one account. The pre-paid model and inclusive hourly rates also mean your statements are simple and transparent.

Fully inclusive costs & no hidden fees

Our JetCard hourly rate is fully inclusive with no hidden fees, no peak hour charges in Europe, de-icing charges, handling fees, airport extension fees or high-density airport charges to name but a few. On top of this we provide a back up aircraft in case of technical failure. What you pay for is what you get – a flight in its entirety. Having a simple solution also allows for simple invoicing with your company.

Exit on your own terms, with refundable account balances

You are free to exit and reclaim your funds at any time. We understand that circumstances can change within different organizations & industries – it is the nature of business. If you wish to ever exit the program, we will refund any remaining balance on your JetCard.

Access to a wide range of jets

As a JetCard customer, you have access to the newest jets and technology available – providing they meet our rigorous safety standards of course. That means that you will be able to experience the newest jets as soon as they are available rather than waiting for a fleet-wide refresh.

A dedicated account manager always on hand

Every one of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager backed up by an expert team. Your personal Account Manager will make the time to get to know you and understand your flying schedule, preferences and requirements. This means fewer questions and the comfort of knowing that your flight will be organized just as you like it.

Custom menu creations for you

You can order from a variety of carefully curated menus that make the most of local produce wherever you’re flying from. We are also, of course, able to provide you with whatever you feel like eating – whether it is from your favorite restaurant, something to remind you of home or perhaps items that aren’t even on the menu.  

Flexibility you benefit from

Our round trip discount and flexible global program means you can fly on a global cabin but pay the price in line with large cabin rates. Furthermore, clients can apply funds for other charter services, which we can schedule around the globe.

Access exclusive events & partner

Throughout the year, we are able to give you access to a number of exclusive global events and offers through some of the partners we work with. As a JetCard member, you will always be the first to receive these. Over the past year, we have been working with like-minded partners to improve the experience and service offering that we provide you with. Should you require any help or advice on the rest of your trip, just let us know.

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