A Guide to Flying Privately For Spring Break

If you regularly charter privately, you certainly wouldn’t choose this time of the year to use scheduled services. If you charter less frequently, it might be one of those times to weigh up the flexible schedule and time saved by flying privately against the possibility of a delayed and stressful start to your trip. We have put together a guide to flying privately for Spring Break travel season, including some of the main reasons you might choose to charter a private jet.


Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, saving time is the overriding benefit of private jet charter. You will likely find your journey taking longer at busier times of the year, due to increased security queues, fully-booked flights and the pure volume of passengers. From arriving at the private terminal just 20 minutes ahead of take-off, to a quick and smooth security process and no qualms about baggage, every element of flying privately will save you time. The seamless experience means you can also sit back and enjoy your journey as a part of your trip, rather than the necessary element of travel to get you to your destination and back. Air Partner JetCard members can schedule a private flight within as few as 12 hours' notice.


Private jet charter is always tailored to your schedule and your requirements, meaning you can forget the thought of waiting for flight connections. Furthermore, if you are running late there is no need to rush - the plane will wait for you. At Air Partner, our dedicated Account Managers will always do everything in their power to fit your flights to your schedule and make last minute changes where needed.  


A luxury that should not be underestimated, privacy can transform your journey from one of stress to one of pleasure. Whilst the concept of jet sharing has been on the rise, our clients highly value privacy and consider their private cabin a key element to their experience of flying privately. We believe that the journey is as important as the destination, and should be a stress-free and seamless experience in the privacy of your own company.


If you have already booked your flights on a scheduled commercial service and you do end up experiencing disruption or difficulty, we are always available at short notice to organize a private jet to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. Air Partner account managers are available 24/7/365 to handle any type of request, and with global offices, you can rely on a team who will be available wherever you are.

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