Phenom 300 vs Learjet 75

Use your Air Partner JetCard to fly on a Phenom 300.

Use your Air Partner JetCard to fly on a Phenom 300.

Both the Learjet 75 and Phenom 300 are popular private jets with clients and offer an appealing package of comfort and performance for shorter routes when standing headroom isn't a requirement. We compare these two increasingly popular jets and explain their differences across both the cabin layout and technical performance. 

The Learjet 75 comes from the one of the best-known private jet manufacturers - Bombardier. It shares the popular cabin of the earlier Learjet 45 (featuring a flat floor and 8 individual seats) but offers payload and range enhancements to keep the brand competitive against similar models. 

New engines and better aerodynamics enable the Learjet 75 to rectify its predecessor's shortcomings. Its fair to say that a full passenger load compromised the Learjet 45's performance. In terms of technical performance, the new Learjet 75 flies faster and slightly further than the Phenom 300, although both jets have the capacity to fly 2000 miles trips from east to west coast.

Being a 'clean-sheet' entrant to the category of light jets gave Embraer the chance to improve on competitors' offerings. They win here with baggage space and excellent short runway capabilities. The Phenom 300's performance means it is approved to land at shorter airport runways.

The Phenom 300 seats between 6 and 8 passengers, whereas the Learjet 75 has a standard 8 seat layout. It's worth pointing out that all 8 seats on the Learjet are individual club seats. Both aircraft have a separate washroom with a sink and the same cabin headroom. However, Bombardier does claim that the soundproofed door between the Learjet 75's cockpit and cabin combined with their flat floor design results in a more refined experience. As with many newer jets, cabin pressure on both private jets can be set at around 6500 feet, so passengers can benefit from arriving less tired and de-hydrated. Both private jets are also designed with internet connectivity in mind. 


Both of these private jets are great choices if you're looking for a smaller but high performing aircraft that will get you comfortably to destinations around the United States. While the Learjet 75 perhaps triumphs in terms of the on-board experience with its flat floor and club seat layout, the Phenom 300's high performance on short runways and its generous luggage capacity make it an equally good choice.



Compare the Phenom 300 and Learjet 75 specs

Learjet 75

Cabin length: 19'10"

Cabin width: 5'1"

Cabin headroom: 4'11" (flat floor)

Max seating: 8 (individual seats)

Washroom: Separate with sink

Range: 2040 nm

Baggage capacity: 50 cu.ft

Phenom 300

Cabin length: 17'2"

Cabin width: 5'1"

Cabin headroom: 4'11" (dropped aisle)

Max seating: 8 (6 individual seats and a divan)

Washroom: Separate with sink

Range: 2268 mi

Baggage capacity: 74 cu.ft

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