How Our Labor Day Travelers Make the Most of Extended Weekends

Marking the end of the summer travel season, Labor Day Weekend is one of the last extended weekends U.S. workers get before Thanksgiving, and travelers looking to spend that time wisely can do so with companies like Air Partner, who are on standby and ready to help.  With access to luxe jets, 24/7 global support services, exceptional high-end catering, and spacious cabin space, an unforgettable summer vacation has never been easier…or more relaxing.

Perfect for that last-minute summer escape, Air Partner can arrange private jet travel in as little as a few hours’ notice. In fact, Air Partner’s JetCard members enjoy guaranteed availability within 12 hours’ of jet bookings, offering unprecedented flexibility. JetCard members also enjoy fixed, fully inclusive hourly rates, flight credits that never expire, and round-trip discounts of up to 20% on qualifying trips.

Time is the one luxury we cannot buy, and that time is precious over holiday weekends, as family commitments and intense pressure on flight routes can make seamless air travel solutions even more important. Removing the hassle of TSA screenings and long check-in lines, flying privately can get travelers through an airport in minutes, not hours, in advance of a departure. For those traveling to destinations that require a few hours of driving time and want to avoid hectic commercial airports, renting a private jet makes sense.  For longer flights, the choice to fly privately is a no-brainer. Air Partner understands the on-board preferences of each client from the very moment they book, so the travel experience becomes part of the vacation itself.

Private flyers are also granted the ability to travel with their pets, family and friends in one private cabin, offering the comfort and convenience of having everyone onboard together. Rather than being a part of the stressed-out seasonal commercial flight crowd, those flying with a company like Air Partner receive unparalleled attention to their individual needs and desires. Continuing to raise the level of expectation with the use of innovative solutions within the industry, Air Partner provides access to a dedicated account manager who ensures every detail of booking is taken care of, a 24/7 customized operations team who see flights off and upon arrival, arranges transportation and catering, and many more benefits.

Private aviation is about elevating and exceeding expectations, especially during peak vacation seasons.  Labor Day travel can be laborious, but with Air Partner on call, it no longer has to be.

To learn more about JetCard private jet membership pricing or to find out how to schedule a jet for Labor Day Weekend, please contact an Air Partner account manager 24/7.

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Fly for Labor Day Weekend events, such as the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, PGA Tour Dell Technologies Championship, and Burning Man Festival

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