Why use JetCard for Business Travel

At Air Partner, we understand that every customer’s needs are different. Providing a suite of charter services to suit any business’s travel requirements, our priority is minimizing your travel time and maximizing your time to work, meet clients and close deals. Our JetCard program is favoured by a number of leading global companies as a flexible and transparent solution to their business flying. We have listened to our customers and what they value to put together the top 4 reasons they choose to fly with our JetCard for business.


JetCard brings you the flexibility of owning your own aircraft without the upfront cost of ownership and risk of a depreciating asset. The flexible card program was also designed to eliminate the limitations of leading fractional ownership programs. As a publicly listed company, we are innately financially transparent. Our JetCard hourly rates are inclusive of all extra costs (including positioning, fuel, in-flight dining and more) – making the exact cost simple and clear. When you become a JetCard member you sign an agreement, not a contract, so you don’t have a time limit on using your hours - they never expire. Should your circumstances change, you are also free to exit at any time with your remaining card balance refunded to you. JetCard deposit money is held in completely segregated bank accounts, ensuring that all client money is safe, not associated with Air Partner’s cash, and managed in line with best practices.


An unlimited number of users on any one JetCard makes it the ideal solution for a company flying a number of senior personnel. You also have the freedom to apply your JetCard funds to helicopter charter, on demand private jet charter or chauffeur car services. At Air Partner, you can access a full suite of services to cover any kind of aircraft charter requirement. This can range from private jet charter for small groups of senior executives to group charter for large groups for product launches, events or incentive trips, to cargo charter for any kind of goods. Our global network means we can deliver any aircraft charter service across the world at competitive prices. Air Partner also offers a Trans-Atlantic fixed hourly rate for global cabin flights from the U.S. to Europe.


For any kind of roadshow or tour, finding flights that fit your schedule can be a challenge. Private jet charter allows you to create a schedule that fits you and your program of meetings. Your dedicated Account Manager will tailor your private flights around you, ensuring that you get to each location when you need to be there. At Air Partner, we specialize in complex multi-leg charters that involve multiple destinations. You will have the benefit of accessing smaller regional airports that may reduce your road transfer time to your final destination. As a JetCard member, you have global year round coverage with no peak day charges in Europe and can also benefit from up to a 20% discount on any qualifying round trip.


Reliability is key when you’re dealing with a high value service and business time is at stake. With over 55 years of experience, you will have a team of over 200 in-house experts at your disposal who specialize in the most complex of charter planning. You can rest assured that you are in experienced, reliable hands. We have rigorous regulations in place for all partners we work with and strict safety standards – for example, we would consider twin engine aircraft and two flight crew as a minimum to ensure the safety of our clients.

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