Hawaii offers visitors the idyllic beauty of its land, welcoming persona, and a history rich in culture.


Nothing matches the charm and pure diversity of the Hawaiian Islands - from lava flows to tropical flora, rainforests and incredible waterfalls. Maui is the second most popular island, after Oahu. Plan a chartered helicopter tour to Maui’s Haleakala National Park and see its famous 10,000 feet high volcano that dominates the landscape. If you are an early, then don’t miss out on experiencing the incredible sunrise that will leave a lasting memory. The famous road to Hana is the 68 mile winding Hana Highway. This popular, scenic road along Maui's east coast features dozens of small bridges, scenic waterfalls and plunging pools. This island offers access to some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and private rentals. If your vacation stay is long enough, why not fly privately to one of the other 6 islands and explore Hawaii further. 

Average temperature in the winter months is 77 degrees.


Private jet to Hawaii

Challenger 850

Falcon 900 Series

Falcon 7X

Global 6000

Global Express

Gulfstream 450

Gulfstream 550

Gulfstream 650 

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