Cambodia has been edging its way back into the spotlight over the last decade.

Luxury brands have staked their claim and this picturesque country is in the midst of a tourism boom – but with a respectful, sustainable flair. If you have the flexibility to travel around Cambodia, it has something different for everyone. From the rooftop bars in the capital city Phnom Penn to awe inspiring Angkor Wat ancient temples in Siem Reap – the world’s largest sacred buildings. See the historical temples by hot air balloon for the best views.  

Average temperature for Siem Reap in the winter months 77 degrees.


Siem Reap airports

Hanoi Noibai Airport 

Private jet to Siem Reap

Challenger 850

Falcon 900 Series

Falcon 7X

Global 6000

Global Express

Gulfstream 450

Gulfstream 550

Gulfstream 650 

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