JetCard Pricing & Membership Highlights

Our JetCard program offers a convenient private jet membership solution. With your JetCard membership type, simply choose your private jet cabin size and flight hours, and fixed hourly rates will be debited from your account balance. You can even apply your funds for helicopter requests and on-demand jet charter.


JetCard - fly on the latest aircraft on the market, model year 2000 or newer
Cabin Size One-Way Rate Round-Trip Rate
Light $5,300 $4,240
Midsize $7,100 $5,680
Super Midsize $9,950 $7,960
Large $13,900 $11,120
Available JetCard cabin categories
Cabin Category Typical Seating
Light 6
Midsize 7
Super Midsize 8
Large 10

Trans-Atlantic RATE

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Fly Trans-Atlantic with JetCard

The most flexible and competitive way to fly transatlantic, discover our new fixed rate for Global cabin flights. Fly to and from any destination between the United States and Europe.

A global private jet membership JetCard program with worldwide access.

Contact a member of our team to ask any questions and find out how membership works.


We strive to make your in-flight experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, and that includes the food you enjoy on board. With your JetCard, you may choose from two catering options, tailored to your preferences.


Standard Menu

We cater to all  culinary tastes complimentary as part of your JetCard program.


Items may include an assortment of breakfast breads (bagels, muffins, croissants, pastries), sliced fruit, coffees, teas, and juices.

Dinner - Light & Midsize Jets

Items vary from aircraft category and may include sandwich or salad boxed meals, crudite platter, cheese/cracker tray, fresh sliced fruit, and assorted desserts.

Dinner - large Jets

Items vary from aircraft category and may include assorted hot or cold entrees (grilled fish, grilled chicken, filet mignon, with veggies/starch), garden or other salads, breads, fresh fruit, and assorted desserts.


Items may include deli sandwiches or salad boxed lunches, which includes a pasta side salad or fresh fruit, and cookie or brownie.

Custom Catering

A broad range of custom catering is available upon request.

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